Not much of note…

…actually as ever adds up to quite a lot.  Illness is finally at long last starting to ebb away.  I’ve spent a lot of the last 10 days on the sofa/bed/bath so lots of self directed learning going on (probably 😉 ).

Fire station theme continued with lots of (fake, cheap, rubbish) lego building and playing.  Don’t recommend fake Lego but suppose we’ve had our moneys worth from the building alone.

20150404_320150406_10 20150406_8

A trip to the library provided reading material about fire fighters plus lots for our new after Easter project as well as trashy novels some light reading.  We also collected our fired and glazed pottery.

11084265_10153327616920832_3128992210581656803_n 11084303_10153327621120832_3035632709514332475_nPlenty of computer play.  Timez Attack, Minecraft, a trial of Clever Dragons, some military strategy type stuff (medieval and WW2), Scratch and designing and building his own Legoland.

He’s devouring his Murderous Maths books which are giving rise to interesting discussions.

We’ve watched more TV than usual not surprisingly, a couple of films, a documentary about voting, moved on to Edwardian Farm and Jack and I are working through Doctor Who series 5 (Sam dipping in and out).

Electricity project has continued when energy has allowed as has farm project with an egg theme for Easter – both will get their own posts.

20150406_4 20150406_5 20150404_4 20150404_6 20150406_16 20150404_9It’s a creme egg sheep although we all agree definitely more like an Adipose20150406_17 I’ve been using the enforced inactivity to crack on with some sewing.  Good philosophy for life 😉


And we made some balloon Minions just because 🙂20150330_3



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