Arty day

Yesterday was an arty type of day.

I had an idea that I wanted to try for a visual maths project that I’ve been waiting to do for a while.  Our second weekend of the year with no Guides/Scouts commitments (only other was Easter!) gave me time to prep at long last.  I marked a circle on a corkboard and separated it into 10 equal sections.  10 equally spaced pins around the circle with stickers of the digits 0 – 9 stuck next to them.

We then tied wool around pin 0 and started to wrap the wool around the pins following the last digit in the times tables, so for 3 – 3,6,9,2, 5,8,1, 4,7,0.  Watching the patterns unfold.

20150519_5 20150519_3In fact we spent a lot of time playing with it at the weekend (Sam was intrigued when he saw me make it) testing the various times tables. So yesterday we used a different colour wool for each times table 1 – 9 and watched the pattern build up, saw how sets of two numbers that add to 10 make the same pattern just one clockwise and the larger anticlockwise.  Will it help longterm?  I don’t know but it gave rise to interesting discussion, was a bit of fun and looks pretty.



Idea came from this video which explains it better.

For our rainforest project (and to leave in the bed to scare Dad!) Sam wanted to decorate snakes.  We’d ordered some wooden ones from Baker Ross.  We looked at some rainforest species and discussed why some are camouflage and others bright.


Our final art project on Degas took us back to sculpture.  We looked at ‘Trotting Horse’.

This is a bronze cast of the wax sculpture.  We bought some mouldable candle wax from Baker Ross and did some sculpting.  Learning from the many times I’ve done this with Rainbows we softened it by the fire.

20150519_11 20150519_13 Then of course we had to light them.20150519_16 And being a Guider use them to toast marshmallows for s’mores 🙂  Usable art projects are the best, particularly tasty ones.20150519_19 20150519_22

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