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Thursday was a ‘chilling’ sort of day recovering from Birmingham.  Besides the noise of various teenage boys sneaking in and out (not very stealthily due to an inability to close doors) and doing goodness knows what in Jack’s room (possibly trying to throw themselves through the floor :/) all was peaceful.

I spent the day catching up on housework, blogging, soaking in the bath and making plans for next half term.

Sam spent the day embracing his geek side,

20150529_1 building rainforest themed Lego (the parrot is hollow and can therefore eat and poo – oh joy!),

20150529_2 20150529_3

eating chocolate and watched Madagascar.

20150529_4Friday was far busier. Most of the morning went on homework for Jack and finishing off Rainforest project for me and Sam (will blog this properly another time).

20150529_5 20150529_6

We went swimming.  Sam is coming on and Jack and I are keeping up with the schedule of increasing the lengths every week.

Jack disappeared to a friend’s house.  Sam and I put together his rainforest stuff, baked brownies and packed for camp.  He’s now on second camp in a month.  May is always rather manic.

I then spent a good hour and a half cleaning and tidying after as looked like house had been hit by a tornado.

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