Busy Home Day

Thursday was an at home day but a busy one.

We rattled off the core work.  Then Sam had a friend to play, they set themselves up on the Xbox while I finally finished sorting out the conservatory and putting up our spring display.

A very quick lunch and then other friends arrived for Spanish.

After Spanish we baked brownies.  The boys are camping this weekend and I always send brownies.

We then spent 2 hours sorting the living room.  I emptied the dreaded ‘paperwork’ cupboard and Sam demolished it.  He’s getting good at taking thinks apart with the screwdriver.  All the furniture in the living room is now where it should be.  Big bag of paperwork and 3 boxes of Guide stuff to sort through though.  Guess that is my child free Saturday sorted :/

When Pete arrived home Sam helped fill the car for a skip run.

A few games of multiplication bump while Jack and friends made daft videos in the conservatory (I love Jack’s friends, they are all as daft as a brush but as 13 year old boys go pretty much angels – lazy, messy angels).

After tea we had to pack for camp as have plans for Friday.  Hence no photos, the camera is packed.

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