Cadbury World

Couldn’t do a trip to Birmingham without Cadbury World.

20150528_159If I wanted to claim an educational benefit it could be the finish to our Rainforest project – being a product of the Central American forests and the first part of the tour starts there.  Really though it was for fun, chocolate and the bait that tempted Jack along.

We’ve done Cadbury World before about 3 years ago so nothing new or novel.  Only new thing since we were last there was a 4D cinema that we couldn’t be bothered queueing for.  I totally get why people don’t like it.  It is loud, busy, gimmicky and awash with plastic, touristy tat, everything we normally hate.  We love it though 🙂

Touring the Rainforest.

20150528_125 20150528_126 20150528_127

There are street scenes showing the start of the company.20150528_129Theatre/cinema shows on the history of the company and how chocolate is made.  Holographic heads, shaking seats, all the tackiness you could wish for.
20150528_130Then of course there is the fabulous Cadabra ride.  The highlight of last trip it did not disappoint.  So delightfully surreal 😀  You travel through Beanville in a Noddy car!

20150528_133 20150528_138 20150528_137 20150528_13620150528_135 20150528_132The tour is of the packing plant and a little bit of the making area.  Where they make some of the fancier bits rather than your standard bar.

They had this rather fabulous creation telling the story of chocolate in chocolate.


A pram made to mark the birth of Princess Charlotte.20150528_141

You could see them filling the moulds and the result.  We did NOT come home with a chocolate football, even Jack could see the folly of trying to get that home on the train!

20150528_143 20150528_146There was melted chocolate with a choice of sweets in to taste.

20150528_139Chocolate making demonstrations to watch.

20150528_144 20150528_142

A look at advertising which is definitely more for the adults.  Rest of the day spent with ‘a finger of fudge is just enough…’ stuck in my head.

20150528_148 20150528_147  20150528_149 A motorised drumming gorilla.  Obviously I’m missing something as have no recollection of a gorilla.  Big area of the shop dedicated to them!20150528_150 An interactive, pointless except to burn off a bit of steam area.20150528_151 20150528_152 20150528_153 20150528_154 Leaving the main building we looked in at the Bournville Experience.  Walking around the local area on the route to and from the station was far better way of getting a sense of the impact of the factory and the philathropic efforts of the Cadbury family.20150528_156African themed playground for as long as Jack and I could sit in the baking sun outside.

20150528_160A chance to be Freddo.20150528_162

Then a chocolate and tat filled shopping trip.



Thoughts on the day.








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