Change of Scene

As it’s probably been clear we’ve been in the doldrums the last few weeks.  Not massively, having had the insight several years ago that May/June are always hardest time of year for us and it is not my fault, I now largely avoid the crippling self-doubt that used to hit.  I recognise that this is the natural rhythm of life and it is external factors that cause the dip.  For many people Jan/Feb are hard, for us it is the early summer, way of the world.

What I need to do then is find ways to lift us out of it.  It’s still a long time until Jack finishes for the summer therefore some routine and ‘getting on with stuff’ needs to continue.  So back in January when I still had energy and enthusiasm I booked us a trip away, right down to booking entry into places so it was all done ahead and all I had to do by the time the trip rolled around was follow the plan.

As added bonus Jack was happy to come so half term week it was making arrangements on the home front a lot easier.  Very aware of how much Jack is growing up and away.  Rightly as well, proud of the young man he’s becoming but opportunities like these are becoming much more scarce as he builds up his own life and commitments.

We left Pete at home as not his sort of trip (we were embracing touristy tackiness at it’s highest levels) and had a lovely few days of eating out, watching rubbish tv from a Travelodge bed and gorging on gift shop tackiness.  Definitely not a cheap trip but hey ho, just occasionally a big treat feel justified.

Centre of Birmingham not necessarily the usual setting for a relaxing break but everything including the train out of Birmingham (we were using it as a base really) was all minutes from hotel, making the whole thing so easy.

Fun time had by all.  Far too many photos to put in one post so here’s a few random, non-trip ones.

20150528_52 20150528_51 20150528_54 20150528_121 20150528_123

20150528_3 20150528_4

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