Friday in a Flash

That’s what it felt like, day just whizzed by.

It started with a comic strip workshop at the local arts centre as part of their home ed workshop package.  Wasn’t exactly what I expected but pleasant morning.  We’d taken some of Sam’s friends along with us and they just cracked on with it with no input from me.  I found the creative side hard, comics don’t interest me at all but joined in and had time to chat with other home ed mums I only cross paths with occasionally.  It was interesting to see the planning stages of a comic.

First 3 photos are Sam’s, last is mine.  Thank you to Debbie for the idea of chameleon specs which meant I could draw Mumatron as a robot.  I had great fun thinking up her superpowers.

20150524_220150524_320150524_420150524_1After the workshop we had lunch with friends (by luck rather than design – the lure of coffee won us both 🙂 )

Picked up some shopping quickly and then home.

Had time for some group admin.  It seems every time I leave the computer  we get another request to join the local group.

Swimming followed and then a leisurely evening drawing (Sam) and watching videos on political ideology (me – current FutureLearn course) and making plans for next week now the rail strike was ruled out.


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