In with the new

When I introduce a new topic that is something I’ve chosen rather than a development of his interests, I try to do it in such a way that it grabs his attention and interest and everything should hopefully spiral out from there.  It is not unusual for things to go not exactly as I pictured but the majority of the time if I put in the effort I can make pretty much any subject interest Sam.

Yesterday we made a start on our Rainforest project with a trip to Marwell Zoo.  I printed off some resources from their site and we used them for an indepth exploration of the tropical house.  It was evident from conversation that Sam has already absorbed most of the basics from general reading and probably Horrible Geography.

20150502_2 20150502_4

20150501_13 20150501_14 20150501_15 20150501_18 20150501_20 20150501_4420150501_21 20150501_3320150501_49 We then had a look around some of the rest of the zoo (busy day) to catch some of the animals that live in rainforests and discussed  what layer they would live at.


20150501_6 20150501_7 20150501_54 20150501_67 20150501_68 20150501_91 20150501_97 20150501_103

We had a picnic lunch before heading home and having some time to relax (well I had some admin to do).

Then we started our new artist study.  Although art wasn’t working for us as a group activity any more it is something that I want us to carry on with, just need to fit it in.

Artist this half term is Degas and we started with the Little Dancer as that was the piece focussed on in the Anholt’s Artist book (really can not recommend these enough).


The art activity set was a mixed medium sculpture using clay and what ever else he wanted from the craft supplies.20150501_105 Result was this statue inspired by the Incan style statues we’d seen on the gibbon enclosure at the zoo.20150501_108


The final new thing of the day was camping.  He’s done overnights indoors with Cubs but having ended up in hospital at this time last year, this is his first camp.  Big brother and the scouts are along too to keep an eye on him.

20150501_106Photos included for cuteness factor.  As we walked around the zoo Sam wanted pretty much everything for a pet.  But after serious consideration a penguin is still where his heart lies (we have many soft toy penguins as this is not a new desire).

20150501_2 20150501_3 20150501_4 20150501_5 20150501_85 20150501_86 Like most other locals suspect we can chart our children’s development in photos at this location.20150501_100 june08 003



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