Oh She Had a Fishy…

Yesterday we had a trip to Brighton to the SeaLife centre.  The idea of the trip was to look at their rainforest area.  In reality we took some friends along and just had a fun, relaxed, keep losing children sort of day.  Sure things were learnt (particularly about sea anemones grabbing fingers) but more playful type of day.

I was impressed with the aquarium far, far better than Southsea (as a visitor attraction).  Highly recommend the glass bottomed boat.

Unfortunately my camera died 5 mins after we arrived so had to resort to phone which minus flash is rubbish.

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Random photos of the rest of the day.  They spent most of the train journeys playing Story Cubes to Sam’s delight (he wasn’t the one to bring them).  He loves Story Cubes as I may have mentioned ;).


20150513_3 20150513_4

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