Politics, Pavement Painting, Passion fruit and Pools

Been a much needed at home few days.  Hayfever is kicking in and the boy is struggling with mornings and evenings which causes all sorts of problems.  Change of routine needed I think, I’d hoped to make it to June without having to slip into summer mode but not looking likely.

Days blur a bit so two days in one.

Politics have obviously been on the agenda.  We’ve read through the wonderful Who’s In Charge.  I had the shocking realisation that I bought it last General Election for Jack and by the time the next election rolls around he’ll be eligible to vote!  Where does time go?

We looked at manifestos and party political broadcasts.


And wrote their own (Jack wanted a go when he got home)20150508_20We’ve done lots more work from the create your own country book we started a couple of weeks ago.  The end result is our United States of Smiley Faces Factfile.  Fabulous project.  Sam was also very taken with the notion of Cyber Yugoslavia.


Sam read The Accidental Prime Minister.  Lots of discussions have been had; suffragettes, secret ballots, class systems, feudalism, Peasants Revolt, Marie Antoinette, immigration, racism, slavery and so on…  We’ve been and voted (well I did) and watched a lot of news coverage.

Art this week was The Star by Degas.  We read this lovely picture book that tells the story of the life of Anna Pavlova illustrated by Degas’ artwork.


Then using an activity from My Art Book we had a go at pavement painting.


Ours didn’t look like theirs 😀  It was still drying at this point did come up really white.  The paint is cornflour, water and food colouring.

20150508_220150508_4Since the chalks were out the rest of the garden got decorated too.

20150508_8 20150508_9 20150508_10

Rainforest project went on the back burner really but we did manage a fruit salad made from ingredients grown in rainforest regions.  We kept the head of the pineapple to plant.

20150508_14 20150508_16Finally we’ve managed to scratch out some time for regular swimming again 🙂


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