Procrastination and Productivity

The contrast sums up Thurs and Friday.

To be honest not a lot seemed to happened of note on Thursday.

We managed English, Latin and Spanish before Sam went to a friend’s house for a couple of hours.  When he got home there was just time for lunch before more friends arrived for their Spanish tutor.  By the time that was over day was disappearing. Mathletics again sucked up a surprising amount of time.  Reading about the rainforest continued and then there was some play on Kinect Adventures.  We had a rare evening where no one had to be anywhere so a family tea and board game evening followed.

Actually that sounds a reasonably full day.  I guess it was me doing the procrastinating then as I’d had big plans for when he was out that never came to fruition.  I’ll blame the downpour as it was hard to concentrate with the noise (conservatory is not the best workspace at times – deafening out there).

Sun was out on Friday though.  For the first time in a fortnight Sam got up in his own time at a reasonable hour.  We finished English, Latin and Spanish quickly before going out.  I needed a couple of bits from the Range so my Dad drove us up there and then we nipped in to Explosion for a while.  I like Explosion, not as a big day trip but can happily kill a couple of hours exploring and having coffee out by the water.

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Home, lunch, more Mathletics.

Then it was art.  This week’s picture was Degas’ Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando.

We discussed how Degas pictures weren’t posed and how he captured people (mainly dancers) as they did things such as put their shoes on, fasten straps etc.

With soft pastels he had the challenge to pick any sport and draw an activity connected.  His chose football.


We then made a rainforest in a jar.  Perfect activity to discuss ecosystems and water cycles.  More reading about the rainforest followed.

20150516_7  20150516_8 20150516_9Final activity of the day before everyone wandered off to do their own thing was swimming.  While me and the older two are doing lengths (on a health kick) Sam has taken it on himself to learn to swim.  We tried lessons about a 18 months ago and they didn’t go well, neither of us liked the teacher.   Anyway as ever with Sam he gets there in his own time and a couple of weeks after picking up swimming again having not been for a couple of years he’s starting to be able to swim a few strokes.  Not the best style in the world but neither Jack or I have either.  It is being able to enjoy and keep afloat if need be that matters to me.  Should say we are really lucky in that there is a private hydrotherapy pool at the end of the road.  Hire by the hour and have it to ourselves.  Lovely and warm too.

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