Quiet Days

We’ve stayed very close to home the last few days. Not got many photographs.  Guess that’s a good thing as means I’m joining in 😉  Furthest we’ve been is the bottle bank but we’re lucky enough that even that’s a nice trip as it’s on the beach.

20150513_1 20150513_2


So what have we done?  We’ve messed around with the dictionary practising skills there, usual handwriting etc, lots of Live Mathletics (lost pretty much all of Monday morning to that), quite a bit of Duolingo.  Lots of Story Cubes as a new set (actions) fell through the door yesterday.

We’ve been reading for our Rainforest project, watched some of The Living Planet and Sam painted the box that we are building a forest in.

Friends joined us for a nice relaxed science session.  The theme was sound.  We looked at how it travels.  They felt the vibrations in their throat  and then watched them on the end of tubes.  We made cup and string telephones and a giant knot.  We also made bottle glockenspiels.  Finally we listened to sounds bouncing off different surfaces to try and hear which worked best.

20150512_14 20150512_15 20150512_17


Was a hard sacrifice drinking all those bottles.  Dedication 😉

I’ve been trying to catch up on some work projects I’ve let slip.  Conservatory full of cows now.  Still behind but getting there.  Also had guiding and home ed goup admin to catch up on.

I’ve now got some sewing to do too as Sam returned home from Cubs with these.  Very proud to have his Chief Scout Silver Award.


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