So what are you up to?

Is a question I’ve been asked a couple of times lately.  It is not that we’re hiding away at all, as this blog shows we are out and about a lot, probably too much.  But we are lucky enough to live in an area with a huge, thriving home ed population and more activities than it is possible to keep track of.  It is possible to go weeks, months and sometimes years without bumping into particular families whom we really do like we just seem to follow paths that only intersect rarely.

If there is any problem to having such a diversity of people on our doorstep it is guilt that we don’t see more of particular people and that it is hard to find gaps in our diary to be as open an welcoming to new people as I’d like.

Anyway what do we get up to?  A lot is fairly routine.  Tuesday was a routine day.  We hurried through work, went into town to run errands and then we met friends for laser quest  after a play in Action Stations.

Portsmouth-20150505-02110 Portsmouth-20150505-02111 Portsmouth-20150505-02112 Portsmouth-20150505-02113 Portsmouth-20150505-02114 Portsmouth-20150505-02115

Beautiful day on the ferry, very bouncy though.  Gosport-20150505-02118Home and out for a meeting at Jack’s school while Sam and Pete went for a beach walk.

Today was a very full day I was out at 9am and not home until gone 7pm.

We started the morning with a home ed group tour of the local police station.  We toured the cells, got finger printed, tried on handcuffs and sat in the van.  A for fun rather than particularly educational trip.

Fareham-20150506-02121 Fareham-20150506-02122 Fareham-20150506-02123 IMG-20150506-02119

Afterwards we had lunch at a friend’s before I took Sam and two of my friends children to a workshop on Greek Theatre.  A while ago the local Art’s Centre contacted me about running a number of subsidised workshops for home educators.  The funding is dependant on adult participation.  Can’t say I fancied the drama that much personally but wasn’t too bad.  Bit of fun and the boys seemed to enjoy it,

Then it was time for some shoe shopping before back to Lee.  We had some time to kill before we’d arranged to meet Jack in the village so had a breezy play and walk.

Gosport-20150506-02125 Gosport-20150506-02131 Gosport-20150506-02134 Gosport-20150506-02139Gosport-20150506-02141 Pete showed up at the meet time too so him and the boys went home and I went to Rainbows and had fun with lanterns, blood (have not lost my knack for parcelling up fallen out teeth) and boa constrictors.

Long but mostly enjoyable few days.

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