We’ve done a few of these science type centres now.  Our favourite remains Techniquest down on Cardiff Bay.  That one feels light, airy and not over crowded even with school groups in there.  All the exhibits are well maintained too.  Sadly our most local one (Intech, Winchester) is the exact opposite, the words grubby and tired spring to mind.

Thinktank was towards the better end.  Only spotted one thing not working, place was clean and well maintained.  I can imagine if we lived locally and could visit regularly for an hour at a time, perhaps focusing on a particular area, we’d really enjoy it.  Half-term though on a day trip it was a bit dark, loud and over-stimulating.  We didn’t last long and were heartily glad to leave.   That though says more about us than the place I suspect.

There was however a fabulous (free) science-themed park outside and as part of Thinktank a ‘science garden’.  We shouldn’t have bothered going inside, outside was far more fun!  Having big brother along to do all the pulling and pushing was a definite bonus 🙂

Not sure how much was learnt, can never measure these things and wasn’t the point but there was exploration of spinney things, sound, texture, colour, recycling, forensic science, the human body, materials, gears, levers, pulleys, wheels and water power plus lots more.

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