Value of an early start

Well actually by standards of a few months ago it was still a late start but earlier than it has been lately.  Sam was awake of his own accord by 8.30 which is a step in the right direction.

Meant that we covered Maths, English and Latin quickly and efficiently.  Maths by finger painting 🙂


Rest of the day was spent playing on the Xbox with a visiting friend.  When he departed at lunch time he was replaced within 1/2 hour by arrival of another friend for a bit of a pre-Spanish catch up.  Tutor and more friends arrived for Spanish.  Revolving door needed on a Thurs :).  After which we decamped to the park for a while.  We left friends and walked to the village for bread and milk, returning via the library.  They’d just put out some books for sale so we snapped up a bargain.  Home it was Scratch, Kindle games,  a new book and an early night.

20150522_1Hearing that the rail strike for next week has been called off so hopefully our plans for next week can proceed without incident was good news too.


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