Warwick Castle

This was the motivation for staying in Birmingham.  The ease of travelling to Warwick.  Actually kind of wish we’d stayed in Warwick.  It was a lot quainter than I imagined and the walk from the station to the castle took us past 2 quilting shops and a bead shop.  I like beads, not as much as buttons but…  Probably best for the boys we didn’t stay there :).

The topic for next half term is castles, so thought in light of the general lack of motivation starting with a bit of a pizzazz  would be good.  Plus I had Clubcard vouchers to use, often struggle a bit to spend them.

Thoughts on the castle… Actually it was a lot more ‘castle trip’ than I was expecting.  I was picturing a glorified theme park type thing really.  But it was a castle you could walk around, climb the battlements and explore the beautiful grounds.  It was busy but you never felt people were on top of you (except in the playground – Sam loved it, Jack and I hated it).  There was a fair amount of touristy stuff and it certainly isn’t a cheap day out, £9 each extra for Dungeon tour, £5 for this, £5 for that… But sometimes days like that are worth it and this one was.

Definitely captured Sam’s interest in the Medieval and Wars of the Roses.  Hopefully something I can hold.  Was a lovely day out.



The boys had a go at archery.

20150528_57 20150528_58Sam went to knight school.


20150528_69 20150528_71 20150528_74 20150528_75



We had a look around the grounds, which are really beautiful.  There was a Victorian Mill on site.

20150528_80 20150528_81There was a Horrible Histories Medieval village to explore.

20150528_82 20150528_83 20150528_85 20150528_86Stocks and a ballista.

20150528_55 20150528_87

Over lunch we watched the firing of the trebuchet.20150528_89 20150528_91 20150528_93

Then we finally made it in to the castle.

20150528_95 20150528_101 20150528_103 20150528_105 20150528_106


Sam and I toured the dungeon.  He was very proud as they didn’t recommend it for under 10’s as too scary (wasn’t really).  Jack doesn’t do enclosed spaces so he entertained himself buying sweets and stationery in the shop.  We then nipped in for Sam to buy some knights and weapons (just what you want to carry around for the rest of the trip).
20150528_112We walked the walls.  Surprisingly encountering a peacock up there.20150528_107 20150528_109


After a play at the fabulous castle themed playground we ended the trip with an outdoor theatre performance ‘Horrible Histories Wicked Warwick’.

20150528_118 20150528_119

We did stop for a quick look at the birds of prey on the way out.




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