3 Days 3 Castles

Our new project is castles/knights/middle ages/Arthurian legends keeping a very open mind about where this one takes us.

Being Welsh there is no way we can look at castles without a trip to visit some family and welsh castles.  I make no claims on how many castles in Wales I’ve visited over the years, quite a few but I know I’ve only scratched the surface.  Much more familiar with N Wales though so the trip was a chance to explore some new ones to me.

Day 1 – Castell Coch

This is one familiar from a distance but never visited.  Look at the photos on here of it from a distance and you can see why this one was an intriguing one to want to visit.  A real life fairy tale castle.


Originally the site of a Norman castle, the motte was reused to house a stone fortress in the 13th Century by Gilbert De Clare before falling into ruins for approximately 500 years.  In the 19th century it came into the possession of the Marquess of Bute who had it rebuilt as a country retreat by the architect William Burges.


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For our Merlin fan friends, here is the castle in starring role.

Day 2 – Caerphilly

The largest castle in Wales and a castle that makes you think ‘well that is a castle’!

20150606_51Concentric design, a castle within a castle within a castle.  Built in the 13th Century by Gilbert de Clare it played an important part in battle to subdue the rebellion of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd.

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Oh and here’s more Merlin

And Dr Who, they use Caerphilly quite often.  Think it was Nottingham castle in the last series.

Day 3 – Cardiff Castle

We’ve been to Cardiff Castle a few times now but it’s handy for the train.  It feels more impressive stately home than castle in general.  It was restored in the Victorian era for the Marquess of Bute by William Burges (those of Castell Coch).  However there is a Medieval keep on a Norman motte and the walls are built on the original Roman walls showing the site has been a fortress for a long time.

I managed to get Sam into the wartime shelters in the walls this time (last time we were there he was scared of the recording of Neville Chamberlain booming out).

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If anyone is wondering what all the stuff on castle green is, we made the mistake of going the day that the Manic Street Preachers were playing.


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