30 Days Wild – Week 1

We managed 6 days out of 7 which I’m pleased with considering that Sam was ill and plans were abandoned for the first 2 days, we were away for 3 days and by the time we were back I’d picked up the bug.  The day missed was a Sunday where I was mostly in bed.  We did show our faces at a birthday party so there was some ‘wildish’ behaviour, bouncy castle and running around friend’s garden with nerf guns (banned in our house).

Day 1 and 2

How to appeal to a sick Sam, buy him a pocket knife.  Whittling was the order of the day(s).

20150601_5 20150603_1

Day 3

We were in Wales by this point so our ‘wild activity’ was an evening walk along the river and old railway lines.

20150606_34 20150606_35 20150606_36 20150606_37 20150606_39 20150606_40 20150606_41Day 4

Was a walk along the moat of Caerphilly castle which was teeming with waterbirds, don’t think I’ve ever seen so many geese in one place.  Had to look up the grey ones.  Embarrassingly also had to look up the moorhen but it was huge!  Biggest moorhen I’ve ever seen.

20150606_46 20150606_48 20150606_49 20150606_103

Day 5

We were heading home but before we did we had an early morning spider web hut in Grandpa Bob’s garden which is much better for that sort of thing than ours.

20150606_108 20150606_1020150606_1320150606_17

Day 6

Out door cooking (also known as finally getting around to unpacking your Guide bag).

20150606_197 20150606_195 20150606_198Day 7



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