Alver Valley

We are so lucky in where we live. The beach is 5 mins walk in one direction, country park with meadows, river and woodlands 10 mins walk the other direction.  Unfortunately nature hates me and a trip to the country park usually needs a cold bath and very early night due to puffy, sour eyes (7pm early!) so have to pick our moments when we go.  Do like it up there though, just in the pollen season can only go when we have no evening plans.

The main purpose was a bit of butterfly spotting for our 30 Days Wild.  Very tricky to photograph butterflies.
20150616_2320150616_1 20150616_8 Did get these noisy characters though20150616_12I’d posted we were going on the home ed group so others joined us for a picnic and play in the woods.

20150616_4 This is an old motte (so we were doing castles too 🙂 )20150616_7   Always fun watching dogs swim in the river.20150616_13 20150616_20 On the home front, Timez Attack is back in favour and he’s come on so far and gained so much confidence with his tables.

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