Best laid plans …

I’ve been trying to kickstart myself again by making plans for our days this week.  Not complicated or stressful plans just something to stop this doggy paddling feeling, the feeling of standing still.

Things have been conspiring against me these last 2 days  though and all plans have fallen through.  Despite this, or perhaps because of this as I’ve been determined to make the best of things and had a bit more ‘pep’ than usual, we’ve not had a bad couple of days.

The plan on Weds was a walk along the seafront from the Hard to Southsea Castle.  However Sam slept in late and while I was waiting I got stuck into a work project.  By the time Sam got up we’d already missed one bus.  He was also not in the mood to go further than a shop selling the Beano and I was in a work frame of mind.

So we pottered the day away.  Sam read, built and generally entertained himself.  I worked.  Sam helped a bit, doing a good observational sketch of a shoe sole.  20150624_6

We did spend a lot of time outdoors.  I’d been promising that the next time we went to the village we’d take the polystyrene gliders so we did.

20150625_3This gave rise to discussion about air resistance and the forces of flight building on nicely from the previous day.

While we were in the village we bought a toy parachute and a hang glider.  After lunch Sam built a marshmallow and spaghetti tower (Cubs science badge).   Activity that never grows old.

20150624_9  We spent some time down a very warm park discussing forces and playing with the parachute and hang glider.

20150624_16 20150624_15 20150624_11Back home to help Pete who had come home to drop car and collect bag before going to London with work.  Jack arrived home and the boys played electronic devices while I worked.

Then as still very hot we went back outdoors for the evening.  Burgers and cakes cooked in orange skins on the fire.

20150624_17 20150624_19 20150624_20 20150624_23Some random digging (kept him happy for a surprisingly long time).

20150625_5And a water fight.  As ever I took the brunt.

20150624_24Ended the evening with a bath and Dr Who.  Definitely had worse days.

Today’s plans weren’t so messed up.  Sam’s friend who was due to visit couldn’t.  Rather than stay at home with a disappointed boy I decided to take him to the pottery painting place and invited a different friend to join us.  Lovely morning, time to chat which we don’t seem to have had lately.



We all headed back to ours as the boys had Spanish.

Set up another experiment for the Cubs badge.

20150625_6This to show how flowers take in water though the stems.

Afternoon drifted away.  I worked and Sam built a big stone keep as part of a concentric castle on Minecraft.

Had a bit of a scare when Jack was over an hour late home from school.  He was very hot and bothered and covered in oil as he’d been trying to help a friend with a bike problem.

So it was tea, more Dr Who and a bit of sporcling to fill the evening.

Oh we made a catapult too


Relaxed, productive days.


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