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A few days ago a home eding friend told a story about a visiting EWO pacing out the distance from her kitchen table to the stove to make sure it was safe.  Did give me a chuckle, both at the idea that these children have been eating meals at the table for years but suddenly now they were doing Maths there they were at risk of pans falling on them and also the impression of home eders sitting nicely round the table writing in books.

As I’ve said we are more structured than many and we do sit at the table sometimes … for about 40 mins four days a week and not that all the time.

We were away from home last week for several days and our maths and english were done on the train or curled up on the sofa or one day on top of me as I lay stretched on the lawn.  20150606_5

These puzzle books are our compromise out and about, token effort to keep the grey matter working books.  They are quite fun and appealing.

20150606_160 Rest of work last week was out and about visiting castles or nature walks.  Then curled up reading as Sam was battling through a heavy cold (which he’s passed on!).

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