Maths Marathon

Friday followed the trend of the rest of the week with plans going belly up.  In this case my own fault, Friday is ‘Grandad day’ but I’d been distracted and not emailed him with a suggestion of plans on Thurs which apparently I usually do (obviously by habit not design) and I’d confused my Dad into thinking Pete had the day off so he never phoned.  I phoned him as normal only I must have dialled the number wrong!  Hour and several phone calls later (hitting redial!) I was rather worried but trying not to be.  Opted to take a walk to the village to drop off some stuff in the charity shop and pop in to check on him.

Anyway the short version of that is I’m an idiot and we ended up having a walk to the village instead of proper day out.  Luckily for me the village is a lovely place and beach, arcade, cafe lunch, ice cream and new Asterix and Dandy books from the charity shop made a very passable day.

20150627_420150627_3 Maths has dominated the weekend.  He started Friday with about 40 activities to do to complete the ‘year’ on Mathletics, now has one.  He got a bit obsessive and was there at 9.30 last two nights.

I did do one of the games for him in the end as he was getting frustrated at making small errors.  Wouldn’t normally but the questions were of the ilk of it is Monday 12.37 am what time will it be in 197 hrs and 23 mins!  When are you ever, ever going to have to do that?  Working out what time a plane lands, a train arrives or a film will finish yes but I’m not going to sit through a 197 hr film!

Anyway he’s also been playing with the calculator and we’ve discussed standard notation and imaginary numbers.

Plus this arrived in the post today and has become the book of choice (he loves Basher we have loads!)

20150628_2Love these self motivated periods.

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