More Quiet Days

Really have started to slip into a more relaxed mode.

We’ve had nearly a week now that we’ve not left the village.  It’s been lovely.

Weekend was spent mostly catching up on work (me) and doing ‘stuff’ (boys).  Not sure what stuff was but they were happy and quiet.  We watched a film (Wreck It Ralph – appalling), played games, researched possible reading matter and made holiday plans.

Sam and I made a butterfly feeder.  So we managed to keep up with 30 Days Wild over the weekend.

20150614_220150614_120150614_4 20150614_3 Monday we did Maths, English, Latin and Spanish first.  Read a book on siege warfare and castles.  I wanted to go for a walk to spot butterflies, Sam didn’t!  We compromised, went to the park and stick collecting instead.

267 266268 265 269 270 Sam then used elastic bands to make things with the sticks.  A sword (looks better than photo makes it )
272Stickman271 And a parachute for stickman,273We marked the anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta with the Horrible Histories special.

By then Jack was home to play with and I got busy with Guide prep.  Some nights it just happens, others it’s a full time job.  If ever I wanted to run away I could pack all my stuff and tell the males of the house I was off to Guides, they’d buy it.



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