My name is Sarah and I am a planner!

It is almost a compulsive need.

Not about the big stuff mind you that sort of just happens.  We relocated ‘down south’ on a flash decision.  Pete was offered a job mid week. We came down on the weekend to look around, decided to go for it as new lease on flat had got lost in the post so we weren’t committed in London. I came down mid week and found a house. Hired a van and moved at weekend.  On the Monday I found a local job in a complete change of direction from previous work.  2 weeks and a complete change of life I can do.

But home ed wise I love planning; projects, groups, trips etc.  Particularly when I’m tired and a bit jaded, perks me up no end.  I usually get myself through the blurry eyed hayfever months by looking forward to the autumn and the feeling of starting afresh in Sep.

Trouble is by now I’ve kind of got to grips with stuff and know where we are and what suits so well that not a lot needs planning/changing.

Looking at our main subjects;  English, Spanish and Latin are sorted.  Maths, I know we’re not ready for embracing an off line curriculum, want to mix some hands on stuff with Mathletics so bit of scope for some planning here.

History/Geography – have a list of probable topics and started to collect some resources and think on days out.  Not something to get too far ahead on though as may well change plans based on special events/exhibitions.

Science – planning a year long project on the human body.  The way it works now suits us well, hopefully will keep doing a group if it suits friends.  Hope to get better at consolidating the practical side.  This looks to be somewhere I can focus some of my planning energy 🙂

Social stuff is something that usually lets me indulge my organising bug.  However, the home ed scene locally is thriving.  Lots of group and activities on offer.  If I was to get into running a group it would be something this side of the harbour for younger children and I’d send Sam to my Dad.

He’s perfectly happy with the status quo, he has plenty of friends as long as we see them he’s happy.  Only thing he’ll ask me to do is laser quest but that doesn’t really feel like an organising task it’s so simple.

Organised a lot of trips this year, find them stressful at times (when the people I’m organising with don’t reply to emails or phonecalls) but generally I enjoy doing them.  It is how we prefer to make use of the group, using the collective power of being part of a group to access discounts and learning opportunities that wouldn’t be available individually.  However over the last year I’ve noticed that there aren’t that many upper KS2/early KS3 booking on trips unless something really special like the Parliament trip or the First Aid course.  Can feel a gap starting to open up between what Sam needs/wants and what are the popular activities.  I think trip organising will mostly be planning relaxed ad hoc things and longer days out for just us.

With less trips on the agenda and reducing some other commitments we’ve got the scope to get involved in some of the regular group activities.  Near where we live is a wonderful set up with group tutorials and a group run exam centre.  I’ve seriously been considering signing Sam up this year BUT I know we’d be doing it for the wrong reasons.  We’d be doing it because that is where most of the children his age go, we’d be going for the social side.  Both of us actively don’t want the academic side.  Sam is not keen and I know I would grow to really resent the bind and interference.  It goes against all the reasons why I home ed.  Yes we do tutorials in Spanish (not something I feel I can teach) and group Science study (some things are more fun together and discussion helps understanding) but Maths and English? I want him to learn those at his unique pace and they are not something I feel we need help with.

With that ruled out we are left with finding somewhere he can embrace his geekiness.  He’d love to make it to so of the sessions where there seems to be a bunch developing playing strategy card games.  With a bit of tweaking we probably could manage regular Adventure Playground meets again.  Would be the card playing he’s going for :).  Other thing that he would love is group swimming and we could comfortably make it back for Cubs now buses have changed.  Plus by the time the academic year ends he’ll be a scout which is a different night anyway.  Both fall at the same time though…hmm…

Not a lot of planning though to keep me busy over the summer, just a few decisions and timetabling arrangements to fit together.

Need a project…



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