Pottering and Planning

I’ve reached the time of year where definitely just pottering towards summer.  Feels like it’s a time for tying up loose ends and planning for the future.  Plans are still in infancy so won’t go into them yet.

Weekend went by fast.  Not sure what we did; chores, errands, clothes shopping, visiting family, sewing, FutureLearn courses, work … that type of thing.  Board games are having a bit of a revival as is Sporcle.  I managed to get out of Monopoly though, Cluedo I can live with.

Monday was very non-eventful.  Timez Attack is still proving flavour of the month and lots of the morning went there.  We watched a Castles documentary.  Took a rainy scoot to the village.


Messed around in the back garden with tracking symbols.20150622_7Built a wooden Motte and Bailey castle on Minecraft

20150622_6Tuesday was a science day.  I had completely forgotten to confirm that anyone was coming but was an easy session to grab everything for when they did show up.

Friction was the focus.  We recreated Galileo’s famous Pisa experiment using the climbing frame in the park.

20150624_9We also rolled a lego car down the slide over different surfaces (card, fabric) to look at the effects of friction.  Differences were too slight to spot though so we moved to pushing the car along different surfaces in the park (grass, tarmac, bumpy metal…) to see how far they travelled.

After a play in the park we left friends and went home for lunch.  For a number of reasons Sam has missed a few weeks at Cubs and I’d agreed with his leader we’d work on a badge at home in the meantime.  We had a look at them and he picked Science and chose his activities from the list.

The task chosen for the afternoon was building a wormery (I happened to have a kit picked up from a charity shop a year or so ago to hand).  Sam got on with it while I had another attempt at getting swingball far enough in the ground that is doesn’t wobble.  It is defeating me!  Sam had more joy.  Took us a long time to collect worms though!

20150624_1 20150624_4

Finally Sam helped me with some crafts for work – disguises 🙂

20150623_3Then the day drifted away in Minecraft, cooking, baths, reading … the way days do.

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  1. I’ve still 3 and a half weeks before Jack finishes school which makes it trickier. We’re starting to finish books so are dropping things bit by bit.

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