Rainforest wrap up

We’ve been busy throwing ourselves into our next project but before I get into that it is about time I conclude our last one.

We didn’t get as deeply into this as we could have done.  Interest in the subject was enough to go along with it and enjoy the reading and days out.  But it wasn’t enough for him to get focussed and push it along himself.  Happy he picked up enough of a general knowledge on the topic though.  A short half term combined with us using a fair amount of our project time on politics and the election meant this was a light overview really.

We discussed and learned about ecosystems, where and why rainforests grow, the different layers and what lives in each and what the rainforests give us and why they are so important.

Where we went

20150501_67We used the resources downloadable from their website to find the rainforest animals at Marwell Zoo and in particular their tropical house.

We also went to Brighton Sealife Centre as they had a rainforest section.  Can’t say we got any value out of it apart from a nice day out.

20150513_16Stretching it a bit we explored one of the important products of the Rainforest at Cadbury World

20150528_125I had intended to visit Amazon World on the Isle of Wight.  Sam was a toddler when we last went and apart from the blip of losing Jack for a while it was a good day.  However I’d banked on the buses from Ryde starting at Easter and they didn’t start until half term so that bypassed us.

What we did

We made a rainforest in a jar (and I was correct without the charcoal it only lasted a few weeks).

20150516_9We made fruit salad from plants that would grow in the rainforest but the camera ate the photos.

We also made a rainforest in a box.

20150529_5 20150529_6Sam painted the box into different layers and we made trees from cardboard tubes and green paper with thick yarn vines.

On the inside door of the box we labelled the layers, made a ‘word cloud’ to describe each layer and added photos of an animal that lives there (from the ones we took at Marwell).

20150606_170 20150606_171

We made a parrot for the canopy

20150606_168 a colour changing chameleon for the understorey

20150606_166 20150606_165

and a paper plate venus flytrap for the forest floor


For the front Sam made a leaf collage decorated with Rainforest stickers


I also managed to find some Lego Rainforest animals

20150529_3 20150529_2

What we watched

Relevant episode of The Living Planet


What we read


20150606_163 20150606_164




Highly recommend the three picture books in the first photo.  Truly beautiful books.  The middle one also has the advantage of being based on one of my favourite campfire songs.


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