Seize the moment

Today has been an odd one, a good one but not one to follow a plan, one to make the most of opportunities as they presented themselves.

I had hoped to head out to the local bird sanctuary to mark the start of the 30 Days Wild Challenge and also to spend a bit of time with my Dad as we’ve been busy away, busy and are going away again.  However all did not go to plan.  Dad is housebound after dropping something on his toe and Sam came home from camping with the Gang Show team in a really bad way.  Soaked to the skin (leaking tent, every thing was drenched) and in the midst big asthma attack.  Was a good few hours before I was happy with the call not to go in to hospital.  He fell asleep about 5 and that was the best thing for him.

This morning he awoke with a cold and cough and still tired but touch wood asthma has died down, bit rattly but not worryingly so.  Anyway nature reserve with an hours walk each way was a no go.  Instead we curled up in bed with a pile of picture books and read.  He doesn’t often want reading to any more so I try and leap on these moments :).  He went on to read a Henry’s House marathon (I think he read 4 books) to himself while I did some of my FutureLearn course.

We then spent most of the rest of the day on a jigsaw.  Again not normally something he enjoys so not sure why I bought it.  Perhaps I took a safe punt we’d have at least one lethargic sick day in June.

It’s a lovely jigsaw.


The effort wore him out though so he retired to bed to play on the Kindle while I prepped for Guides.

While I was out he picked up though and I came home to him looking more awake and cheerful than he’d been all day.  Amazon had also delivered a box while I was out.  So who cares it was 9pm, we got out the new junior pocket knife I’d bought him, he found a stick in his room and spent some time getting to grips with the knife.  Then headed to bed with The Stick Book.  Although he has got up again several times to share plans 🙂


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