Slowing Down

After a busy, busy few weeks it is time time to slow down and enjoy the quiet pace of life for a while.  We’ve exciting plans for work and I’d like to give that a bit of focus.  Being self employed and in control of your hours is lovely, but when life is busy it’s the first thing to slip and I love my job.

Also time to relax and spend a bit more time enjoying all the joys our local area has to offer.  This is the view I got to sit and enjoy on Friday while Sam played at the skate park.


We’re filling our time by catching up on ‘core work’, chores like hair cuts (Dad and Sam – if I ever need a career change I could do barber, had enough practice) and getting outdoors as much as possible.

20150612_4 20150612_620150612_5
20150612_8 20150612_10 20150612_15Yesterday’s 30 Days Wild was a bit of whittling at home, day had run away with me.  On Friday we had a beach walk and collected seaweed to dry and press for pictures.

Here are before and after photos of the results of Friday afternoons labours.  Always looks so much older after a haircut 🙁

20150612_18 20150612_19


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