That’s what it feels like I’ve been wading though this week.  I’m not sure why as on paper we’ve achieved a lot but just found lots of minor irks, decisions of what to do being hard to reach, energy lacking (even for things I want to do)…

Looking at what we have achieved.

Sam has finished his handwriting and grammar books.  Decided to leave the new ones for September.  He has also completed the final level in Timez Attack which means theoretically he knows all his tables.  Since that was the big ‘aim’ for this half term that has to be a big tick in the box.

I found myself setting up a new national support group for people who home educate and have children in school.  Not sure how that came about but hey ho, I mustn’t let myself get bored now.

I managed to accidentally book a Guide holiday, that I’m going to have to cancel or rearrange as arrangements are impractical :S  But I suppose I’ve done what I meant to do in researching costs and how you go about booking.  It’s easy – too easy 🙂

Besides the usual over the last 3 days we’ve;

diversified languages – been playing with the French and German versions of DuoLingo.

built a ‘gravity motor’


planted a butterfly garden

20150618_5Spent time in the playground

Gosport-20150618-02289 Spotted bugs

Gosport-20150618-02290 Been to the library and swimming

Spent some time bird watching at a local nature reserve

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Really not sure why it feels like a bad week it hasn’t been really.  I just don’t like being hot!

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