End of year clear out

Clearing out resources I’ve no further use for.  Local collection only for free stuff, will post the rest for P&P.


Proper curriculum stuff

Writing with Ease Level 1 – all student pages in tact (I bought them as a download for about £2 as easier to print than photocopy) – £5

Spelling Made Easy Level 1 (age 5-8) – Teachers book, photocopiable worksheets and consolidation exercises Plus Level 2 (8-10) Teachers book- £5

Saxon Math 3 – just Teachers Guide – bit old and battered but perfectly serviceable.  Student books available from Ichthus (or Amazon) – £5

Scholastic Scary Stories Writing Guides Age 7-9 – £3

Subject/project sets

Spanish – Sticker Spanish Dictionary, Usborne Spanish for Beginners (predates the cd version and bit worn – pen marks on front cover), Collins My Very First Spanish Words (this but Spanish), Game – £5

Stone Age – Secrets of Stonehenge, Make it Work Stone Age People, Stone Age News ( last two are in decent but well used condition, first as new) £3

Workbooks – Free

Age 5-7 (yr 1-2)

WH Smiths Handwriting 2

Collins Easy Learning Handwriting 3

Age 7-9

Collins Easy Learning Handwriting 2

Collins Easy Learning Handwriting 3


More Free Stuff

Arts and Crafts for Kids

Topics for age 5-8 (very old and dated but starting point)

Primary RE

Digital Photography

Titanic Posters

Questions Kids Ask about How things Work


Castles (again), Catching Up and Cooling Down

Wednesday was forecast to be a scorcher so decided to stay close to the sea for the breeze.

We headed over on the ferry to Portsmouth.  Stopped at Gunwharf shopping village for sandals, sunglasses and more antihistamines and suntan lotion.  With Sam all kitted out for summer we then walked along the seafront to Southsea Castle.


I love this walk.  Gives us fantastic views back to Gosport, takes us past no end of naval heritage and then of course there is the hovercraft to watch.  It wasn’t too hot yet and even rained which was nice.20150702_2 20150702_3 20150702_4 20150702_6 Southsea Castle is an odd one really, not that much to see.  Small, compact and some nice educational activities though.  Cannons to climb on and fabulous views.

20150702_7 20150702_8 20150702_920150702_1420150702_1520150702_18I don’t know why this tickled me so much but it really did.  20150702_12We’d been joined at the castle by another home education family, one we’ve known about 5 years but very, very rarely see now a days.  So it was more a social trip.

With the sun coming out we headed to the nearby splash park.  More paddle than splash, but more shade for parents which I was grateful for.

20150702_20 20150702_21Another lovely afternoon.

We broke the long, hot walk back with ice cream and arcades.

20150702_27 20150702_29 20150702_30 20150702_32

Reminded myself how much I like this end of Southsea.  I really could do with so many more days in a week, so many people we love to see and places we love to go but struggle to fit it all in.  Talking of places we love – not happy with the painting of the Spinnaker.   Red or blue I don’t care.  You see it for miles around and I love the white against the sky.


Spinning, Swinging, Splashing, Socialising and Shooting

After a rather slow Monday, Tuesday was one of those – love home ed sort of days.

Quick bit of Maths and English.  Most books/courses are finished now so we’ve reached a natural slow down.

Friends joined us for science.  We were doing spinning and swinging.

Spinning cups to see if a penny would stay in,  Spinning at different speeds to see what happened.

20150701_3 Spinning cups of water to see if the water can stay in the cup.  Answer yes unless you hit a sibling mid spin 😉

20150701_5We then tried this pendulum experiment unsuccessfully (breeze, knot in wire …) so moved on quickly to pendulum painting.

20150701_7 20150701_8A bit of a play in the park before we all went separate ways.

We had a quick lunch before jumping on the bus to Stokes Bay.  A leisurely walk through Stanley Park staking out an area for a Guide activity and then down to the splash park.  It was incredibly hot.  We managed a dip in the sea.  We were also joined by a couple of other home ed families who we don’t see often but who Sam gets on very well with so we passed a very pleasant afternoon.

20150701_9 20150701_12 20150701_13 20150701_14 20150701_16

After a bit of time at home it was out again for Cubs – laser tag on the field and archery.

Not a bad day for a 9 yo boy 🙂


Catapults, Capitulation and Castle Building

Seem to have built up a collection of started but not finished blog posts :/

Monday was a stay in doors and wait for the electrician sort of day.  Pete was pottering about having appointments.

Bit of English, last test to complete Mathletics year 4, some live Mathletics and a bit of Timez Attack took up first part of the morning.

We then got into some catapult building.  Firstly from the physics kit we have.

20150629_11 20150629_12 20150629_14 Secondly from a book and kit.  The cardboard catapult was surprisingly sturdy.20150702_3520150629_1620150629_17Then there was some Minecraft castle building.  A concentric castle.
20150629_18One of the hardest things I have to master home ed wise is when to give up an idea.  Our attempt to keep up with the 30 Days Wild had been limping for days.  High pollen counts and itchy skin flare ups made messing around outdoors not something appealing.  So take from it we had some fun and let it go (hard for me to do :)).

I took the guides to the pottery painting place and picked up Sam’s plate.