Catapults, Capitulation and Castle Building

Seem to have built up a collection of started but not finished blog posts :/

Monday was a stay in doors and wait for the electrician sort of day.  Pete was pottering about having appointments.

Bit of English, last test to complete Mathletics year 4, some live Mathletics and a bit of Timez Attack took up first part of the morning.

We then got into some catapult building.  Firstly from the physics kit we have.

20150629_11 20150629_12 20150629_14 Secondly from a book and kit.  The cardboard catapult was surprisingly sturdy.20150702_3520150629_1620150629_17Then there was some Minecraft castle building.  A concentric castle.
20150629_18One of the hardest things I have to master home ed wise is when to give up an idea.  Our attempt to keep up with the 30 Days Wild had been limping for days.  High pollen counts and itchy skin flare ups made messing around outdoors not something appealing.  So take from it we had some fun and let it go (hard for me to do :)).

I took the guides to the pottery painting place and picked up Sam’s plate.


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