Spinning, Swinging, Splashing, Socialising and Shooting

After a rather slow Monday, Tuesday was one of those – love home ed sort of days.

Quick bit of Maths and English.  Most books/courses are finished now so we’ve reached a natural slow down.

Friends joined us for science.  We were doing spinning and swinging.

Spinning cups to see if a penny would stay in,  Spinning at different speeds to see what happened.

20150701_3 Spinning cups of water to see if the water can stay in the cup.  Answer yes unless you hit a sibling mid spin 😉

20150701_5We then tried this pendulum experiment unsuccessfully (breeze, knot in wire …) so moved on quickly to pendulum painting.

20150701_7 20150701_8A bit of a play in the park before we all went separate ways.

We had a quick lunch before jumping on the bus to Stokes Bay.  A leisurely walk through Stanley Park staking out an area for a Guide activity and then down to the splash park.  It was incredibly hot.  We managed a dip in the sea.  We were also joined by a couple of other home ed families who we don’t see often but who Sam gets on very well with so we passed a very pleasant afternoon.

20150701_9 20150701_12 20150701_13 20150701_14 20150701_16

After a bit of time at home it was out again for Cubs – laser tag on the field and archery.

Not a bad day for a 9 yo boy 🙂


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