Art 15/16

Another one that reading back on I had over complicated, over ambitious plans for last year.  The art award group never came off due to lack of take up.  We never managed as much outdoor sketching as I’d like.  Problem of taking friends on nature walks, can draw or socialise not both!  Plus I keep forgetting the Book of Centuries.  Will try a bit harder this year.

Art group became too hard work and Sam wasn’t enjoying the social side any more.  Did enjoy the art though.  Plan on abandoning the worksheet side this year, not sure that added anything that we couldn’t gain from observation and discussion.

Still working through the artists from the Anholt’s Artists books.

So plan is to look at an artist a half term and one particular piece of work of theirs a week.  Sometimes if we have a busy week I suspect we won’t get round to art but it’s an aim to do one a week not a rule.

Artists we plan to do.

Van Gogh – Van Gogh plan


Marc Chagall (new Anholt book out in Nov)

Then we run out of Anholt books I think so pencilled in we have




We’ll go for the modern.  Might do O’Keefe instead of one as fancy the Tate exhibition next summer.

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