Boats, bells and blackberries

Plus I escaped the children.

My Father in Law was still with us so he and I took a walk.  Started off 2 or 3 miles up the beach and walked back.  Lot easier walk here on the flat than the coastal paths of Pembrokeshire.

Solent was chocker with hundreds of small craft.  Picture doesn’t show it clearly but ot looked as if the channel from the New Forest to the Isle of Wight was jammed solid with boats.20150809_33As we were passing we decided to stop in at the Diving Museum.  Avoiding the beach at weekends means I never pass it open and it never quite seems worth a trip for itself.  Before touring the museum we took a short tour of Stokes Bay East with a volunteer guide.  I’ve done it before so more for FiL but snippets I’d forgotten and I love chatting with local history enthusiasts (it’s my plan for retirement 😉 ).

The museum itself was a gem.  I can’t say the subject matter interested me but the guides were very knowledgeable volunteers who could answer FiL’s questions and bring things alive with personal anecdotes.20150809_34Back along the road we crossed the river and paused in the nature reserve.20150809_35To collect these.  The approach of Autumn is definitely cheering me up 🙂20150809_36

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