The last month seems to have vanished in the blink of an eye.

Home ed filtered out really and I can’t recall anything of note.  We did have an end of term picnic but I really wasn’t in the mood for it by that point.  Work, Guiding, household chores and holiday prep dominated the first few weeks of July.

Then the last two weeks were holiday.  Rural Wales and we leave the car behind means it really is a break, don’t even get phone signal.

20150801_3 20150801_5 20150801_14Peaceful best describes the break.

We walked the cliffs and coastal path (in the rain),

20150801_56 20150801_60 20150801_75

played at the beach

20150801_33 20150801_34 20150801_7920150801_13520150801_13820150801_98 20150801_107

and the park

20150801_13120150801_176and garden

20150801_125 20150801_174had leisurely pub lunches

20150801_129 20150801_186and ice cream, lots of ice cream

20150801_48 20150801_124 20150801_170 20150801_171

lots of board games, quizzes, word games, reading, sewing and even some colouring.


We even managed a bit of TV (well dvd) the boys loved Police Squad and Yonderland.  Sam was also very taken with Ghostbusters.

Holiday did the trick and relieved the stress that was catching up with me.  Have a few big decisions to make about the causes of that stress but have a bit of breathing space.  Taking  a month off home ed now while Jack is about to unwind, work (as in paid type) and plan.

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