Languages 15/16


Decided this summer that the Spanish group we’ve been doing for a few years is no longer working for us.  One of the children has moved, the tutor’s situation has changed and she was finding it hard to give me a time plus the book they’d moved onto was a bit writing heavy.  So we’re going to go it alone for now.

I’ve lots of ‘fun’ materials and games but not sure these will work for us.  Little and often is how we work with languages.  I’d rather do 5-10 mins a day and most resources take nearly that to set up.  So for now we’ll stick to just Duolingo.  Perhaps with reading the odd story book in Spanish and seeing how well we can translate.  The advantage of this approach is we both have our own accounts and are learning alongside one another (he’s got the motivation of staying one step ahead of me).

Must admit I’ve been greatly reassured by seeing the chaotic, hodgepodge approach to teaching languages that goes on in Jack’s school, where they can sit a GCSE in a language they start in yr 9.  Not sure we’ll ever do GCSE anyway, languages are hard to arrange so it’s for personal use really.


This is another one where little, regular and really unexciting works for us.  I keep looking at the Minimus book on my shelf but it’s just not for us I feel.  On we plod with Latin’s Not So Tough.  It’s made up of very short lessons with one new word at a time and lots of practice.  All a bit random really it seems but the idea of studying Latin is to be able to spot links and word origins and conversation shows it’s working, he’s recognising links to both English and Spanish.

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