Maths 15/16

Just glanced over my notes from July 14 and laughed.

We lasted a couple of months into the year before the repetitive nature of Saxon became a negative rather than a positive – see Rethinking Maths post from January.

We’ve spent the rest of the year mixing and matching hands on stuff and the playing with online schemes.  The lessons learnt are:

a) He likes the competitive nature and awards of online games.

b) Online stuff is great for practice for us but not for teaching.  He just doesn’t learn that way.

c) I am not as good as I’d like at delivering Maths ‘hands on’.

d) We work better with a scheme and a plan for Maths, although a loose, flexible one.

So the quest for this year was to find a ‘scheme’ that we could link to an online programme that included lots of variety and hands on stuff.  Not easy but I think I’ve done it!

Quite by chance I was poking around the parent area of Mathletics, his online programme of choice, and came across their workbooks.  They include few too many worksheets maybe but a lot of it is games, investigations and puzzles, can’t imagine I’ll find something more suitable for us without writing it myself which is what I’m trying to avoid.


The workbooks are broken down into 12 topics so I’ve split these into terms.

Term 1: Reading and Writing Numbers/Multiplication and Division

Term 2: Addition and Subtraction/Geometry

Term 3:Length,Area and Perimeter/Volume, Capacity and Mass

Term 4: Position/Time

Term 5: Data Representation/Fractions, Decimals and Percentages/Chance

Term 6: Patterns and Algebra/Plus time for assessment/recap

I got a bit carried away and have a nice colour coded spreadsheet breaking the online and paper lessons down by day mathletics plan 15  Hmm, I’ll try and treat it as more of a guide than a todo list.

The units all have assessment sections.  I’m unsure how to use these (or if to) yet.  I’m thinking of saving them to the end of the year and using as revision.

We’ve a few ‘catch up’ weeks in the calendar if needed.  Theoretically if we’re on target we will use these weeks for ‘fun maths’ and use some of the pointless gimicky stuff I bought in the hayfever fog of early summer when for some unknown reason they seemed a good idea.  Realistically I should just pass them on now ;).  They do look good but not really for us, too ‘fun’!


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