Planes, pulleys and polymers

A few photos from the last few days.  We’re still in holiday mode but I’m trying to make an effort to distract Sam from screens as he’s showing the signs of far too much time on them – very disrupted sleep patterns and prone to weepy episodes.

We went down to the beach on Tues to see if we could see the Battle of Britain flypast.  Went over Portsmouth to the IOW so not sure how we missed it but we did.  Got us out though and prompted us to do a bit of plane building with the kits we’d picked up from Tangmere.

20150819_5 20150819_10 20150819_12 20150819_11We’ve also been messing about with some of the science kits we’d perhaps not made as much of as I’d have liked.  I’d love to say it was part of clearing out old resources but at the moment we’ve made a lot more mess than we’ve cleared up and have several ‘experiments in progress’ are covering surfaces.

Force meters and pulley systems and fun squishing polymers.20150819_13 20150819_16 20150819_18 20150819_21 20150819_2420150819_2620150819_27

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