Science 15/16

Found my Science mojo again last year.  Never quite came together the way I’d have liked though.  Focused too much on the practical and too little on the background.  Doing it with friends was fun but perhaps too much distraction so we’re back on our own.

I’ve been collecting a series of oldish books (suspect out of print) called ‘How ****** Works’.  We’ve got least 5 or 6 now and I’m envisaging doing one a year until GCSE age.  This will hopefully give us time to really get into things.  The books are a mix of information and experiments and could almost stand alone as a curriculum.  The biggest problem was deciding which book to start with – Sam’s mind changed frequently!  In the end we settled on ‘How The Earth Works


The plan is to break it down into subtopics

  1. The Earth in Space
  2. Inside the Earth
  3. Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  4. Rocks and Soil (will make this one a long full term one – got to love Minecraft 🙂 )
  5. Water Cycle
  6. Atmosphere and Weather

I’ll plan a term at a time so we an adapt as needed.

These are the plans for this term

Science plan term 1

These are the activity books to supplement this term.

20150826_2 These are our reference books to refer to.  They’re all excellent.  The Earth book isn’t particularly child friendly but has some fabulous  photographs.  The Geog encyclopaedia and What’s Where in the World are both strong contenders for my top 10 books to grace a home ed bookshelf  (I’ll write it one day 😉 )



The DVDs listed on the plan are  Earth Story, Orbit and Rise of the Continents.  Also found this which I’d forgotten…


I want to try and focus us a bit more this year, something a bit more than reading and experiments but nothing like lapbooks or workbooks.  I’ve prepared a few worksheets/paper activities for the first 1/2 term as reinforcement (still got 2nd half to do).  We’ve covered a scrapbook (the sparkly black thing) into which we’ll stick worksheets, photos etc.


I’ll try and remember to update as we go.

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