Shelving and planning

Been busy shelving books and plans.


When I was moving books over from the big ‘archive’ to our ‘active’ shelves I came across a selection of books about the Olympics and had the realisation that next year will be the Olympics again (come around unbelievably quickly).  So decided a reorganisation of topic plans was in order.

We now have

Term 1 – History – Spies

Term 2 – Geography – Europe

Term 3 – History – Romans

Term 4 – Geography – Water Conservation

Term 5 – Geography – Rivers

Term 6 – History – Greeks (but will try to keep that to about 4 weeks as done lots on greeks before and as it’s a long half term we’ll hopefully have time to touch on the history of sport and Brazil as well).

Happy with that plan so have started collecting resources.  Lots of lovely parcels due in the post :).

Sam appears to have forgotten it is school holidays and was keen to start the day with Mathletics.  So he did.  I’ve upped him to yr 5 and subscribed to Spellodrome too.  Phoning gave a 25% discount on Spellodrome and we renewed Mathletics at the same time as the code gave over 30% discount on that.

I’m hoping to spend time this month working on the house, replacing broken stuff and general sorting out the stuff I don’t have time for.  Vacuum and dvd player did not appreciate a holiday both have objected strongly to being brought back into use so we’ve been out and replaced them.

Had the ‘interesting’ experience of arriving in town to realise I’d left my debit card at home,  Luckily had credit card to pay for vacuum and dvd but had some fun with maths trying to make the money in my purse cover required shopping and lunch.  Makes me feel very fortunate that this is not the norm.

With a firm plan in place for projects (well last four may be tweaked who knows if anything really interesting catches our eye) I’ve started on the trip booking.  for this upcoming term.  I’ve bought the resources we’re using for Spies and while they’ve not arrived I’ve a better idea of what we’re likely to do so have made the decision to drop Bletchley Park from plans and stick close to home.

I’ve also booked Sam’s ‘must do’ regular activity of laser quest.

Love planning 🙂

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