So how many trips is too many?

I like getting out to museums, workshops, places of interest etc, I think seeing and touching the real objects is far more educational than pen and paper work.  However that has to be counter balanced by time at home to digest, consolidate, work on basics and just chill.

Sam turns 10 in Nov and I feel is ready for something a bit more testing.  Taken a while to master some of the basics of handwriting and maths but last year it felt like my softly-softly approach paid off and he’s made huge strides in the last academic year.  I feel keeping up with the gentle approach will be a disservice to him and I need to up my game a bit.

Anyway back to the whole ‘trip’ thing.  Having got a vague structure in mind for the year ahead I’ve been mentally planning trips.  Only when I write the list down below I have a horrible feeling that it is going to be far too long a list.

(codes HE=group trip/workshop, us= just us (possibly grandad too on some), fr = with friends)

Term 1 – Sep/Oct

Project=Spies, Science = Earth structure, 

Beaulieu Motor Museum/James Bond (us)

Bletchley Park (us)

Action Stations Spy workshop (HE)

Fort Nelson Spy Workshop (HE)

Royal Victoria Park – they used to have a spy trail (Fr)

??Harvest event at Windmill? (HE)

Term 2 – Nov/Dec

 Project=Europe, Science = Earthquakes and Volcanoes, 

Christmas Market (us/fr)

?Christmas session at church/Portsmouth Cathedral

?NH museum (us)

?Kidzania?? (HE)

Term 3 – Jan/Feb

 Project=Romans, Science = Rocks,

SEARCH workshop archaeology (HE)

Fishbourne (HE)

Novium workshop (HE)

Old Sarum (us)

Butser (us)

Big Pit ? (us)

Term 4 – Feb/Mar/Apr

Project=Stuarts, Science = Rocks,

Search – rock workshop (HE)

Little Woodham (HE)

Shakespeare workshop/play?  Globe?


Monument/Museum of London (fire) (us)

Banqueting Hall (us)

Newark? (us)

Term 5 – Apr/May

Project=Water Use, Science = Erosion/weather,

Talk or visit Southern Water (HE)

Testwood Lakes (HE)

Sustainability Centre (HE)

Term 5 – June/July

Project=Rivers, Science = Erosion/weather,

Titchfield Haven (HE)

Wey centre Guildford (?)

Thames Barrier (us/fr)

Boat trip (us)

Alver Valley (fr)


That is too many isn’t it?

That is ignoring any art/religion/music/theatre trips that we end up doing and definitely want to do the O’Keeffe exhibition when it comes to the Tate and would like to take Sam to see Sunflowers when we do Van Gogh.  Oh and there will be trips organised by others I’m sure.  Research has revealed that a couple of local museums have rewritten their educational programmes since I last organised trips there and there are some interesting things on offer.  Not forgetting of course we have passes for Portsmouth Dockyard, Butser and various local museums/country parks that run until at least March and there are lots of places we like exploring free and on our doorstep.  Plus I’ve been toying with setting up a half-termly craft/project style group to produce a display for the local library.

Think I need to be more selective at targeting what we do or I’ll end up exhausted and broke.

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  1. whay a fab list! I like your approach! Me and the family are doing a trial home educating run as my eldest wouldn’t be due to start school until next September. My approach has consisted of trying to fill a week with set groups I.e 1 science 1 fitness and 1 home ed, but I may add a trip day in once a fortnight to! Thanks for the i inspo… X

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