Wonderful Wednesday

Well wonderful overstates it by rather a lot to be honest.  Reasonably pleasant day will do.  Boys have reached the not hugely co-operative point of the summer where if they are not playing on a screen or hanging out with friends (ideally both) there is a level of sulkiness and feet dragging and general reluctance to engage.

I can recognise the symptoms of too much left to his own devices in Sam.  His interest and concentration levels and ability to keep himself happy have plummeted and we ‘so’ need to get back on with ‘school’.  July and August are the time I really resent having to fit around school.  Not at all because I don’t enjoy having Jack around, I love having him home.  But I’d like him home in June and July when we’re all tired, hayfeverish and unwell and back to school now please.

Anyway I took us away from the screens yesterday in an effort to shake off the doldrums and spend a bit of time with Grandad.  We had a drive through the country lanes of Sussex to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.  It’s a place I heartily recommend particularly on their activity days (usually Weds in school holidays).  We’ve had some lovely days there over the years.

Lots of old buildings to explore and activities laid on.  I can’t say the boys embraced the opportunities offered to them.  But hey ho.  Sam did get into it a bit in the end.  Jack had taken a friend so left them to it.

20150806_1 20150806_520150806_2 20150806_1120150806_6 20150806_9
20150806_10 20150806_12
He did enjoy the building activities
20150806_15 20150806_16 20150806_19 20150806_21 20150806_24 20150806_25

He also did some brass rubbing.

20150806_26 20150806_27 20150806_35

Made a bath bomb (after I caused problems on the lavendar front – trigger very sore eyes and asthma attacks), a badge, a crook (but it was newspaper and didn’t survive long) and a couple of candles.

20150806_34 20150806_2820150806_36The horse trough aka coffin may have been his favourite though.

Bit too busy and school holidayish for us.

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