Autumn Days

We are definitely being flexible this week to fit around the weather.

On the to do list for the week was a sundial for Science.  There was some sun on Thurs morning.  It was coming and going though.  We were lazy and just divided the circle into 12.  As my neighbour pointed out (ex navy!) we have 24 hr days and thanks to latitude adjusting angles of the lines is necessary.  But time was not on our side so I settled for something that would show the sun was moving which it did well enough.

20150917_1 We had fun playing ‘place value mastermind’ for maths.  I remembered why I hate playing Mastermind against Sam, he has a habit of giving me the wrong clues.

20150917_9  We looked at creating scary characters as part of creative writing.
After that we managed to look at how the bible fits in to history and translate a ‘biblical’ document (code on a piece of tea stained burnt paper).

20150917_23We fizzled out then as I got distracted by Tesco not bringing the right shopping!

After lunch it was time to head out for some exercise.  Sam is not the most active of children and team sports will never be his thing so I feel the need to schedule something in (also for me as I’m on a health drive).  He’s vetoed all group and club options I’ve put to him, apart from Laser Quest and bowling but we need more.  We’ve settled for booking my Dad to drive us up to the leisure centre once a week to swim.  If skin is bad (we’re both prone to eczema and infections) I’ll try and book table tennis instead.  After Weds downpour it felt a pity to be indoors on a sunny afternoon though.  Instead we headed into Gosport where the park has gym equipment.  I love it, it’s a playground for grown ups!

20150917_10 20150917_11

Interesting visitor.  Think it’s a little egret.20150917_15 20150917_17 20150917_18 20150917_19 20150917_22Took a long time to build up confidence for this but he loved it when he did.20150917_2020150917_21 We stopped at the library on the way back so Sam spent the rest of the afternoon reading while I sorted out paying for a big HE trip.

Today had a leisurely start.  Well it did for Sam, I was up before 5 and working at just after 6!  But by our 4 day week we’d finished the planned ‘core work’ so I let the boy sleep in.

With no real plans for the day we filled it quite well.  While Sam was getting ready I dyed some pasta and rice for craft projects and got very messy!


The sun was coming and going so we braved going out.  This is a tiny local lake full of giant fish.  We have to stop when we happen to pass.20150918_3

It was beautiful on the front.20150918_5 20150918_6

We walked up to Browndown for probably last blackberrying of this year (bit squishy). 20150918_7 20150918_9 Few smears of juice on the lps there 😉20150918_10 20150918_11 20150918_12We walked back along the beach to the village in beautiful sunny weather.  Stopped in the arcade for a treat.

20150918_15 20150918_16 After a lunch stop we went to the local pottery painting place as by a complicated but boring scenario I had a £10 voucher that needed using.  Lets ignore the other 3 things we ended up painting 😉20150918_1820150918_19 20150918_20While there the weather changed completely and the rain came.

At home we looked at our art project for this week. Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  We focussed on the swirls.  We marbled the background using shaving foam.
20150918_24 20150918_23
20150918_27 20150918_2820150918_29

When the background was dry, he drew on a silhouette landscape.
20150918_30 20150918_31 Bit of tidying up including adding some lovely bright flowers.20150918_33 Plus the blackberry crumble that the morning’s work allowed.20150918_35Lovely couple of days.

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