Back to School and Baking

Jack was back to school yesterday, full of a cold that appeared like magic with typical rotten timing.  He wasn’t back until lunch time though so it made an odd day.  Morning was spent on housework, paperwork and watching Dr Who.  Then Sam and I left Jack to sort himself for school and went for a walk/scoot and pick up shopping.

At home there was Beano reading

20150903_1 Fig sampling.  The fact that it came in a cake case was a definite attraction.20150903_2

Afternoon was spent pottering in the kitchen baking.  I’m playing with low fat recipes (lost 2 stone since start of May would like to lose another at least) with mixed results.   Sam is getting more confident – the brownies (the things that worked best!) are all his work.

20150903_11 Low fat pear and chocolate cake.20150903_10 Summer fruit flapjacks.  Yet to find a good weightwatchers recipe for flapjacks and these aren’t great.  Love flapjacks 🙁20150903_9This cheese scone is most promising attempt at low fat baking I think.

Sam also made himself cheese straws.  Again with very little input from me.

20150903_420150903_320150903_7 Pleasant gentle start back.

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