Beaulieu Motor Museum

This week my dad has a friend visiting and wanted a big day out.  His friend loves cars so we opted for Beaulieu Motor Museum.  It’s one of the few ‘big’ local attractions that I had left to visit (I think!).  Can’t say cars interest me at all (I don’t even drive!) but I’d heard good things about the grounds and Abbey from friends.  Had also decided to use the fact that there is a small exhibition about the SOE (Special Operations Executive) that had a training school there to be the spring board of a history project for this term – Spies!

That said we didn’t do the house or Abbey really.  Both Sam and I were a lot more interested in the car bit than expected.

I was very taken with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 🙂  Sam’s favourite bit was the Top Gear simulator.


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Grounds were lovely as was the drive through the New Forest – had fun pony spotting.  Leaves are starting to change colour, berries are ripening and acorns and conkers are forming.  Love Autumn 🙂


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