End of Week bits and bobs

On a bit of an emotional roller coaster at the moment so the 100 days happy thing is proving very timely.  Here’s not the place for that though so on the home ed front we’ve…

Finished the first maths ‘block’ on numbers.
Been working on similes


Been to a friend’s house for play.
And to the park for play and exercise and Grandad time.20150924_3
Target practice with a new dart gun.
20150924_5Started working through the Harry Potter films yet again in preparation to visit the studios.20150924_7

Reading about spies and from the bible and our book of bible stories.  We’re not religious but I feel the history of this country and the world is so tied into religion a knowledge of the views and stories of the major religions is vital to try to make sense of the world.  The focus this week was on the books of the Bible and their different authors/styles/genres.  We read some stories of Moses and talked about the plagues of Egypt.

Working on his Spy book.

20150925_5Making a Lego vehicle with Grandad for a DIY.org project.

20150925_9 Trialling an art activity for a group using bicarb of soda and vinegar.  Definitely what I think of as ‘process art’, the process of making it is more important than finished product.  In this case the end product won’t last long as the bicarb flakes off but it is fun to do.

20150925_14 20150925_22Lemon ‘volcano’.
20150925_25 20150925_29That still left an afternoon for reading (mostly Asterix I think) and games.

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