Food and Lego

That is pretty much it as far as my list of essential teaching aids go.  Ignoring the obvious of a computer and books (library card would do).

English, Latin and Spanish were rushed through today as we wanted to get on with finishing off Sam’s Scratch game (I’d done some research myself to see about fixing a glitch).  Maths proved a distraction as we had fun with some logic puzzles about place value.

After a bit of playing about Sam got a Scratch game he was happy with and submitted it to  It’s his third Scratch project for it so should earn him a patch (which I have to buy and get shipped from America!).

We read more of How the Earth Works looking at the Earth’s relationship to the sun and moon.  Wasn’t the day to make a sundial – due to severe absence of sun!  We did, however, demonstrate the seasons.


Sam is being the sun!  Then added a worksheet (yes 2 in 2 weeks!) and a seasons spinner.  I think the spinner may be on the website by now.  Seasons spinner.  On a side note the seasonal tree stuff is some of my favourite stuff we’ve done for ages, the illustrator did a better job with the images than I’d hoped.  Must go back and do more with them.


We had a bit of lunch and then carried on with more science.  Demonstrated how the moon spins while always presenting the same face to the Earth and then made the phases of the moon out of oreos.  He still pokes his tongue out when concentrating 🙂

20150916_10 20150916_13

After that we snuggled down for the days reading from our book basket.  We’d missed it yesterday so read yesterday’s too, a story from Enid Blyton’s Hedgerow Tales.  The reading for today was from a Year Full of Poems.  I love the idea of this book, it’s a pretty book with a few pages of poems for each month of the year.  The poems are dire however so think we’ll give this one up as a bad job and just pick up one of our other poetry books, we’re not short of good ones.

I then sneaked off for bath while Sam built a new Lego kit. 20150916_15He then used what he’d built to create a vignette to submit to DIY.  I don’t think I need to explain the story 😉

Rest of the day passed in Lego play, bath and computer time.

20150916_22Lovely day and while I’ve been typing this we’ve heard that he’s passed his first DIY patch (Scratcher) and his Lego scene got awarded a ‘staff favourite‘.   Successful day too.

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