Happy Birthday to Us

Just realised this blog is 5 years old today.  Wasn’t my first blog, I’d a few false starts before comfortably settling here.  Certainly weren’t new to home ed, if you consider us starting when we started going to HE groups, we were about 1/2 way into our journey.  But over the years I’ve poured a bit of me into this blog and I’m quite attached to it.  It has made me friends and quite possibly cost me some too.  I’ve mused, I’ve ranted and shared the highs and lows and grown along the route.

Why blog?  Initially it was to show family what we were up to.  Over the years I’ve lost my way a bit and strayed into ‘how to type’ stuff at times. I don’t like reading those sort of blogs though I like warts and all diaries so that’s what I’ve fallen back on.  It helps to clear the mind.  I can start a blog post in a fearful slump but by the time I’ve finished typing I can see how ridiculous I’m being and mood has lifted.  I love reading back and seeing the boys and their friends grow.   I’ve found it helpful to see patterns in when I slump, I can see what is working for us and what isn’t, I can remind myself what we’ve done in the past.  I dump my planning here and laugh at myself a year later when I reread my August optimism 🙂   I find it adds balance to what we do, if I’m struggling to find something to write I know I need to pull my finger out, if every post is a day out I know we need to slow down.

Over the years it definitely has become more for me than any one else.  I keep it public because I like to read comments, hear other’s stories/opinions/advice in response and I know how much I enjoy reading blogs of those a bit further on, seeing how others do it, borrowing ideas etc.  Will probably go private as Sam gets older.  Already try to keep Jack out of it.  We’ll see.

I’m not going to do a review of the last 5 years as I already did one recently for someone else’s 5th birthday blog hop but I did find the bit below as part of my first post on this blog.

The reason we home educate is because we believe it is best for the boys both in terms of their short-term happiness, preparing them for their future adult life and enabling them to reach their potential (both academically and more important personally).
How we home educate – however best suits the family at that particular moment, we vary between autonomous and structured, between child-led and adult steered. A bit of classical, a bit of Charlotte Mason and from time to time even a bit of unschooling all creep in.
Like most home eders our approach doesn’t fit any label and I’m perfectly happy with that.

Not the most grammatical bit of writing I’ve ever done but I wouldn’t change a word 🙂

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