Happy Days

We’ve done nothing spectacular the last few days but they’ve been good ones.  Relaxed and filled with things we enjoy doing.  They’ve not been with out downs and niggles but I am trying very, very hard not to let my frustrations on a matter that doesn’t (or shouldn’t) effect my family influence my mood too much any longer.  With that in mind when an email landed in my inbox from the 100 Happy Days challenge suggesting I sign up to do it again for the last 100 days of 2015 I thought it would be a good idea.  I’ve a few ‘challenges’ to get over between now and Christmas so could do with a daily reminder to focus on the stuff that matters most.   Album of photos is on the Facebook page here.

Anyway we’ve been looking at linking verbs in English, making paper chain sentences and having fun with making sentences from cards.  Sam decided ‘delicious’ was the adjective of choice, resulting in some amusing sentences and ‘the best English lesson ever’.

20150922_220150922_6Monday afternoon was spent in Action Stations and in particular laser quest.  This still remains the highlight of Sam’s month.  20150922_3

20150922_4 Tuesday was a stay in to sort new fridge sort of day.  I’m not sleeping well and wasn’t feeling up for anything that needed too much motivation from me.  So after the Maths/English/Latin/Spanish we curled up and read some of Enid Blyton’s Nature Book, Bible stories and Aesop’s Fables.  Then stretched out and watched an episode of Orbit as part of our Science project.20150922_7 After sorting out the fridge and having lunch we talked about some of the spies we’ve read about.  Did some secret writing with milk as it is one of the inks used in Francis Walsingham’s time. 20150922_8 Then we made a scytale, a coding device used by Greeks and Spartans.20150922_11

We submitted it and Friday’s blackberry picking to DIY.org which led to distraction.  So the boy busied himself with Scratch and I had a bath and tidied up.  Then he was off on a Cub hike while I got to enjoy time with older one.

P.S. I’ve managed a fair amount of sewing in the background too which makes me happy 🙂

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