Making it up as we go

I’m sure if you don’t know us and read this blog I actually look like I’ve got it all sorted and we’re working to a time table or something.  Really not the case though.  I woke up today, as I do most mornings we don’t have a group activity, having no plans besides just over an hour or so of Maths/English/Latin and Spanish.

This is where my summer planning really comes off.  All of that is set up so all we do is follow the books/spreadsheet/programme.  I’ve set a really reasonable amount and finishing in an hour is doable most mornings.

After that I glanced at the plans I’d drafted back in summer and it told me we didn’t have the stuff in I wanted for Science so that wasn’t happening but that at some point this week I’d wanted to do something based on Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles.  Today seemed as good a time as ever so I dug out a box and some cardboard and he made a model.

20150923_7We compared the 3D and 2D versions, talked about perspective and vanishing points and then played about on some isometric paper.


The need to run down fridge before the arrival of yesterday’s new one led to shortage of suitable food for lunch, we needed an orange for Science and as Weds is known in this house as Beano day into the village we walked/scooted.  As a bit of a maths/budgeting activity I gave Sam the list of requests from the local foodbank and £5 and sent him off to spend the money as wisely as he could.  Doesn’t go far in the Co-op unfortunately but they do have a collection box there.  Think we’ll try and do that as a habit.

After lunch and reading the Beano to be honest I was starting to droop after getting up far too early.  But I realised that the rest of the week is filling up with plans and I want some time to work on Friday as losing time to a home ed activity on the weekend.  So we read this week’s Science about the size of the Earth, how it was measured and how maps are made and how they distort.

Sam drew the countries on an orange and then we peeled it and tried to flatten it.

20150923_9 20150923_11

Then we cut the top off a 2l plastic bottle and the bottle top bit off so we had a sort of plastic hemisphere.  I drew of lines of longitude and latitude on, when you shined a torch through you could see how the lines projected out over a sheet of tracing paper.  We then rolled the tracing paper into a cylinder around the plastic and saw the effects on the projection then and finally made a cone from tracing paper, popped it over the plastic and shone the torch inside.

We finished the afternoon with a chapter of Alice in Wonderland and some Animal Jam/online shopping (food, books, craft supplies).

We did as a random activity while tea was cooking, pop some celery in coloured water.  Feeling guilty as I said we’d do the science badge for Cubs back in the summer as they had a couple of weeks that really weren’t Sam friendly and I agreed with his leader we’d do our own thing instead.  We did as well but seemed to have a few fails and never got around to pulling it together.

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  1. What great ideas! I will be following from now on. My daughter and I are semi-structured too (although very new to Home Ed and a little late with her almost eleven!) and it’s wonderful 🙂

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